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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"After suffering for years with headaches, TMJ, and generally unattractive teeth, I made the decision to seek the care of an orthodontist. Dr. Dahar was recommended unanimously by everyone l asked, including my dentist. He assured me that, in spite of the complexity of my case, I would emerge from Dr. Dahar's office with a beautiful smile. My results have been nothing short of extraordinary. My headaches are gone thanks to the TMJ therapy I received initially. My overbite is corrected, and my teeth are straighter and more beautiful than I could have imagined. More importantly, however, is the care and respect shown by Dr. Dahar and every member of his staff. Every interaction was pleasant, from my first evaluation to the removal of my braces. Dr. Dahar treats every patient as if they are a friend; he is genuinely happy to see and chat with patients and family members alike. My children looked forward to my appointments as well, because the whole staff would make a fuss when I brought them along. Unfortunately, all my children inherited my teeth. My experience with Dr. Dahar was so positive; I had no reservations about taking them to him. Four of my five children are already patients at his Greensburg office. I recommend Dr. Dahar to everyone, and I wouldn’t take my family anywhere else." - Sarah K.

  • "Dr. Dahar and his staff have treated all five members of our family primarily over the last ten years. Treatments have included everything from the run of the mill misaligned teeth to missing or misplaced teeth to orthodontic support for orthognathic (jaw) surgery. Dr. Dahar and his staff have been supportive and helpful throughout, and we are grateful to them for helping to create our beautiful smiles."
    K. Policastro
  • "Dr. Dahar is the best orthodontist in the area. After suffering from severe migraines from TMJ problems, Dr. Dahar's treatment changed my life. I no longer have debilitating headaches and I have a beautiful smile. Both of my daughters and I have received outstanding care and have had an all around great experience with his staff. I highly recommend choosing Dahar Orthodontics for treatment."
    Blythe W.
  • "As a sufferer of tempromandibular joint dysfunction for almost four years, I could not take the headache pain any longer. I had been seeing my chiropractor for approximately 7 months when he suggested I see Dr. Dahar. My symptoms were jaw pain, frequent mind-numbing headaches, excessive yawning, neck and shoulder pain, clenching of my teeth in stressful situations and during my sleep, and lack of concentration.
    I never thought I would enjoy visits to an orthodontist, especially as an adult patient. Wow... my thougths totally changed! Dr. Dahar and his staff are the best! They are professional, pleasant easy going, and their work is outstanding. They know their job, do it well, and make patients feel so special. My work involved major jaw surgery and they were there for me every step of the way. Thank you for my beautiful smile. I love it!"
    Deb P.
  • "I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Dahar's office. I was treated as an adult patient, and was a difficult case to treat. My son was also treated by Dr. Dahar. Both of us are so pleased with our smiles. Dr. Dahar and his staff are so professional, accommodating and caring. I recommend Dr. Dahar to all my family and friends."
    Jennifer K.
  • "Dr. Dahar is a fine man and an excellent orthodontist. He prescribed braces for me when I was 22 for both tooth and bite reasons. My teeth looked beautiful and my bite was perfect when the process was completed. Twenty-two years later, I still receive compliments on the beauty and quality of my smile. He is currently working with my ten-year-old son, Kristopher, whose teeth and bite have dramatically improved within one year's time. Kristopher loves to visit Dr. Dahar's office and actually looks forward to each new appointment. Dr. Dahar and his staff are genuinely very warm, friendly, and accommodating to both children and adults. They focus on the person as well as the patient, and produce a beautiful product as well."
    Kathy S.
  • "Dr. Dahar is a great orthodontist. My teeth and mouth look a lot better. Going to his office is really fun. He's very kind and polite."
    Kristopher S.
  • "After meeting with Dr. Dahar, I discovered that I was able to change my condition and eliminate the symptoms I was having. Since I have been wearing the mouth splints my jaw pain, headaches, yawning, neck and shoulder pain, and lack of concentration have decreased dramatically. Dr. Dahar explained to me that my TMJ was cutting off the blood flow to my brain and that I was losing oxygen to my brain. Since I have worn the mouth splints I have noticed a difference in my energy, my sleep and my concentration. As time goes on, I am sure that I will continue to improve."
    Karen S.
  • "My grandchildren have beautiful teeth because of Dr. Dahar. When I asked my daughter, a physician, who could straighten my teeth, she replied, “Dr. Dahar is the one.” I am his oldest patient. My son, age 52 said, “Don’t stop treatment, Mom. Your smile is the thing that people see.”"
    Pat K.

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